This is 10x better than the Debt Snowball

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2 min readOct 19, 2021
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I paid off $34,000 worth of debt in a year with this odd process.

Neither the “Debt Snowball” or “Debt Avalanche” worked for me. I’ll introduce you to a 3rd option that worked exceptionally well. It’s not for everybody, probably very few actually but holy cow is it ever powerful.

How it works:

  1. Continue paying the minimums on everything
  2. Stacked every excess dollar you have into savings
  3. Save Until you Surpass the amount of a single debt by at least 2000
    (Increase by 1000 on each iteration)
  4. Pay off the debt in full (a Credit Card, Loans, etc)
  5. Repeat until debt free

Why it works:

I was in debt because I was obviously terrible with money. I had a bad habit of spending it before I made it and setting not setting anything aside for a rainy day; and when you are broke there are a lot of rainy days… Watching my savings grow by multiple of 1000s was powerful. It was hard for me to spend with it achieving new heights. I felt a sense of financial security that was long gone and felt I was improving my financial maturity. The best part is when that large credit card that was giving you a all that stress disappears in one transaction, all while knowing you left some money to fall back on.


I’m no Dave Ramsey, this method is expensive because it will cost you significantly more in interest payments than the “Snowball” or “Avalanche” approach but I truly believe this the best way to shift your mindset for financial success like it did mine.

Once you’re debt free investing is fun, fruitful and exciting.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best in your health and wealth,

Live well and prosper,

Brian Palmer



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