Don’t fall for this new business trap!

Frugal Thinker
2 min readOct 19, 2021

Selling credit cards failed, time for a new hustle

You resisted buying the big box store credit card, knowing that it will negatively impact your credit score by obtaining one.

You’ve managed to stay out of the platinum membership tier, knowing you’re never going to spend enough at that store to reach their top tier 10% off at the register.

Companies have gotten smarter and are now trying to get you to pay for your loyalty upfront.

Picture it as a Patreon membership for the businesses you frequent the most (or not at all)

For some people they’ll see real value but for most it’s “Spending Money to make losing money even easier”.

It’s quite the power play for a business:

  • Consumers are bad at cancelling subscription services
  • The Benefits look exciting on paper
  • There is no long term commitment
  • There are no credit…



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