There’s no Twerking on Medium

Frugal Thinker
2 min readOct 19, 2021

No memes, just thought provoking individuals. That’s why I love it.

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I’m a small fry in this sea.

I used to hate writing and was pretty damn intimidated getting started with content creation.

People with day jobs didn’t make secondary income online in my mind. Boy was I wrong. made the barrier to entry a lot easier.

It’s simple, you just write find a nice picture and publish. If people like the content you get a deposit in your bank account at the end of the month.

The best part is you can write about anything.

I’m a developer in my day job but who wants to continue talking about code all day.

Talk about what makes you smile or about what frustrates you. Your opinion and day to day triumphs are what make you unique and people are open to hearing about it.

If you haven’t hit your $1 a day yet, just keep writing. You’ll get there! Don’t quit this fun journey you’re just getting started.


And thank you for reading.

Work hard and prosper,

Brian Palmer



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